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Do you have some annoying tree stumps all over your yard?

Once a tree has been removed, the remaining stump can be problematic.  Not only are these tree stumps unsightly, but we’re also sure that you have stubbed your toes against them several times before. Get the best tree stump grinding in Tulsa, OK. We’ll use our tools to remove your tree stumps and their roots so that you can have a blank canvas to create a lawn or garden you’ll love!

Do You Want to Get Rid of Your Tree Stumps? Here’s the Solution!

If you have tree stumps on your property, then you know that not only are they unsightly, they’re also a tripping hazard. Tree stumps also stop you from fully utilizing your lawn. But you can put an end to it all, and C&F Tree Care is here to help you do just that!

Learn More About Our Tree Stump Grinding Service

We offer an excellent tree stump grinding service where we use the latest tools and knowledge to fix your tree stump woes and give you a flat surface. Once we remove a stump, you can spread dirt and grow grass over the area. As time goes by, you’ll forget that a tree was ever there.

Tree stumps are usually grounded 4-6 inches below the surface. At C&F Tree Care, we use specialized equipment to grind away at each tree stump to its roots below ground. This process produces a lot of wood chips that we often haul away or you can use as garden mulch. However, if the tree was removed due to disease, then we don’t recommend using its wood chips as that could spread the disease.

The cost of our tree stump grinding service depends on the size and location of the stump, as well as the amount of work needed to address it. Larger tree stumps and exposed surface roots are often more costly to remediate.

C&F Tree and Lawn Care provide the best tree stump grinding in Tulsa, OK

The Alternative to Stump Grinding

If our grinders can’t access a tree stump or if a client doesn’t want to grind it, there’s an alternative. We can treat the stump with a product to prevent regrowth. Also, we can help you recycle the tree stump as a part of your landscaping.

Tree Stump Grinding FAQs

Here are a few questions that we often encounter:

What’s the Cost of Tree Stump Grinding?

The cost of our tree stump grinding service varies with several factors. These include the size and location of the stump, whether there are exposed surface roots, and the extent of work completed. We recommend that you contact us to get a free estimate of the cost to remediate for your specific case.

Should I Have My Utility Lines Marked?

If you believe that your underground utility lines are near a tree stump that will be ground, then take all the precautions. It’s a great idea to request that these lines be marked. C&F Tree Care will be happy to assist you in getting your utility lines marked.

Will Stump Grinding Completely Remove the Stump and Roots?

Yes, we remove it all. Stump grinding serves to completely remove the remnants of a removed tree by reducing both stump and roots to mulch.

How Deep Do You Grind a Tree Stump?

At C&F Tree Care, we grind down 4-6 inches below ground (it all depends on the nature of the stump and its location on your property). In some hard-to-access areas, we may not be able to go as deep.

What Does Stump Grinding Look Like After Completion?

Tree stump grinding leaves behind a large pile of wood chips. Larger trees (or those with a lot of exposed surface roots) generate larger piles. We either smooth the pile out flat or haul them away.

Tired of seeing your lawn littered with tree stumps? Reclaim your lawn!
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