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Do you have some annoying tree stumps in your yard?

Do You Want to Get Rid of Your Tree Stumps? Here’s the Solution!

If you have tree stumps on your property, then you know that not only are they unsightly, they’re also a tripping hazard. Tree stumps also stop you from fully utilizing your lawn. But you can put an end to it all, and C&F Tree Care is here to help you do just that!

Learn More About Our Tree Stump Grinding Service

Our tree stump grinding service is top-notch, utilizing the latest tools and expertise to resolve your stump issues and create a smooth, level surface. After we remove a stump, you have the option to cover the area with soil and grow grass, eventually making it seem as though there was never a tree there.

Typically, tree stumps are ground down 4-6 inches beneath the surface. At C&F Tree Care, we employ specialized machinery to grind each stump down to its roots. This process generates a substantial amount of wood chips, which we can either remove for you or leave behind for use as garden mulch, depending on your preference. 

The price of our stump grinding service varies based on the stump’s size and location, as well as the complexity of the job. Generally, larger stumps and those with extensive surface roots tend to be more challenging and, therefore, more expensive to handle.

C&F Tree and Lawn Care provide the best tree stump grinding in Tulsa, OK

The Alternative to Stump Grinding

If our grinders can’t access a tree stump or if a client doesn’t want to grind it, there’s an alternative. We can treat the stump with a product to prevent regrowth. Also, we can help you recycle the tree stump as a part of your landscaping.

Tired of seeing your lawn littered with tree stumps? Reclaim your lawn!
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